''Great way to see Amsterdam. Our Guide Alex was very knowledgeable and passionate about the street art which was infectious. You don’t need to have a background in street art or even art to appreciate this tour as we learned so much not just about the street art but Amsterdam in general. The guide was very helpful and accommodating and I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see and learn more about Amsterdam.'' SJ Holtam UK

''I decided ultimately to use you guys because of your personal touch—you were most interested in tailoring the tour to our needs and time table (quick email response back; offering to pick us up instead of suggesting a taxi or train; having more than one “tool” in your arsenal, i.e., not just a walking trip or just a boat trip or just a car trip, etc.).  You were both so warm and accommodating and when one is put into a foreign situation, we have discovered that having such allies is invaluable.  So thank you for being that kind of an agency—keep it up!  We hope to see you on our next trip!  Thanks again for everything!'' Laura and Jamie (USA)

"Me and my fiancé took the tour today with Shona and the other tour guide M (name I can't begin to spell sorry!). Experience was as we wanted, a real tour that's interesting from locals who really know and are passionate about their city. Street art, red light district, drug culture and law, history and squatting history were all covered along with recommendations of where to eat, drink, smoke and visit. Unfortunately the weather was very wet and we missed the ferry so departed the group after two hours but was totally worth it and could have spent the day with the guides had the weather not had been so cold and wet, would have been nice to break and stop for a beer or coffee half way through to warm up so could have stayed longer as I am sure there was so much more to learn from the guides about such an interesting artistic and vibrant city that amsterdam is. Thanks guys, would definitely do it again and recommend." Jennifer. UK

"Alex gave us an amazing tour of street art in Amsterdam. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the subject. He walked us all over Amsterdam and we looked at many different types of street art from graffiti to reproductions of masters' paintings, to stencil art, many of which were commissioned and some that were not. Definitely an eye-opening tour." Beth.

"Tour was informative, energetic and a lot of fun, recommend to anyone who wants to get to know Amsterdam and feel the real vibes of the city." Naomi. Israel

"I was visiting Amsterdam for the first time in many years and wanted to see a different side of the city. The 3 hour Alltournative tour was tailored to our interests and was fascinating - we got an overview of the history and saw many of the usual sights and on the way diverted to all sorts interesting byways with a mass of information on all sorts of topics, such as squats, street art and drug culture. There were food and loo stops as required and the enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide answered all our questions and attended to our needs. I highly recommend one of Alltournative's tours if you want a real insight into another side of Amsterdam." Liz.Uganda

"We'd been to Amsterdam twice before, but this was the first time we had booked a walking tour. We couldn't have chosen a better guide than Alternative Amsterdam - our tour was the highlight of our stay. Our guide told us lots of fascinating facts about the city, then took us to see amazing street art, which we wouldn't have found on our own.There were plenty of stops for refreshments, including a micro brewery (with samples!) and typical Dutch snacks. If you want to see more than just the usual canals and Red Light District ( though we saw those too) , we recommend you book a trip with Altournative Amsterdam." Margaret. UK

"I've been living in Amsterdam for almost 2.5 years and I did this tour with my visiting parents. I thought it would be a fun thing for THEM to do, but I was shocked by how much I learned and enjoyed from it myself! Around every corner was an interesting fact that I had not known before - everything from the squat culture to the gay/lesbian community to the history of soft and hard drugs in Amsterdam! Not only was the tour incredibly informative, but our guide was super engaged and had tons of eating and dining tips (also off-the-beaten-path). If you're looking for a unique experience in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend one of the Alltournative tours!" Talia. NL

"As a new resident of Amsterdam I was looking for a way of finding out about the city and a means of entertaining my visiting parents for an afternoon. on the Alternative walking tour, I learnt loads about the history, building and canals as well as the Red Light Area, squats, street art and coffee shops. Our guide was great and gave me lots of ideas for places to go out, to eat and drink. My parents loved it too. It seems whatever you are interested in Alltournative know what's going on in the city." Richard. UK

"Hello Lovey Ladies, Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful tour yesterday, it was truly amazing!" Derin.Turkey

"No words describe how amazing the trip was. Thank you from all my family!!! Dalit. Israel

"I have managed to take the tour and it was absolutely amazing!!!! The guide/artist was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that it was soooo fascinating to listen to him.Thanks a lot for organizing this tour and please let me know if you are doing it again, as I would take part again soon for sure and I will recommend it to friends.'' Agnes. NL

"I really enjoyed the tour yesterday ! Stefan & Marek are very good guide. They give me a much of information about amsterdam street very well. And there art is also great ! Thanks for making tour." Yushi. Japan

"First of all I would like to thank you and Marek again for the camper van tour! We had a blast of a time and all concluded that it was the most fun we had this year." Jurret. Netherlands

"It was great! I loved our guide and we learned a lot… thank you!!" Meg. UK

  "Just to say thank you very much for the very enjoyable tour, we both found it added hugely to our understanding of Amsterdam. The drink afterwards was nice too, I hope it did not make you too tired for the trip to Leeds! Thanks to Stefan for his tour of the street art too, it gave me a lot to think about." Alyson. UK

"The tour was great, good to get out of the touristy area and have a look round the city as well. Stefan was easy to talk to, knew about the street art as well as Amsterdam life." Angela. Switzerland

"We had a great street art tour. really knowledgable tour guides. really worthwhile. glad we did it. thanks!" Sarah. France

"Maike and I still wanted to give you a big THANK YOU regarding the street art tour last weekend. James was a very enthusiastic guide with a lot of knowledge and motivation. We really liked to see Amsterdam from his perspective and I already noticed how I walk through the streets and see so many more things." Johannes. Germany

 "I went on a guided bike tour lead by Ruben. THIS TOUR COMES MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I saw amazing street art and even 2 pieces by the famed Space Invader. What an amazing way to see the city in 5 hours. The tour ended with a trip on a ferry to the north side of the city in an old shipyard located a few hundred yards from MTV International’s new offices. There you can see my latest painting of Spray Paint Poppies. But go and look soon because the piece is sure to be painted over in a day or two. Or maybe it will hang around for a year. Who knows. I had an amazing trip. Thanks for making our art vaca awesome :) Awesome awesome awesome. Ruben was fabulous." Laurie. USA