Price Per Person: €15
Min Group Price: €150
(1-10 Persons)

Alltournative is proud to present our Aerial Workshop for Kids, where children fly low, learn circus tricks and do yoga.


All in one workshop, given by certified Okido Yoga & Meiso Shiatsu practitioner Monika Stepak. The Aerial Workshop for Kids helps them experience body awareness, physical strength, balance and conscious breathing in a fun and playful way. All positive for a balanced body/mind, confidence, mental health, strength and joy.

Workshops can be booked for groups of kids or also combined with parent/child. It's a nice way to connect with your friends or with your child. Try something different and fun!



Please note; tickets bought online need to be bought at least one day before the day you want to take the workshop


If it's the same day - don't panic! Just give us a call;


Pia +31 (0) 6 38 74 16 45


Also; We will do our absolute best to give you the exact time and date you ask for - if we cannot we will contact you with a different time/date. If this is not good for you, we will refund you 100%