Price Per Person: €12
Min Group Price: €48
(1-4 Persons)

The AllTourNative Amsterdam School Group Tour is happy to host your school group! Let your students learn something different. Let them experience something new.



We will teach them about Amsterdam’s alternative culture and history.


Choose from any or all of the following;
Street Art and Graffiti, the squatting scene, gay and lesbian history, coffeeshop history and law, architecture, classic and modern, nightlife, prostitution, Amsterdam’s colorful past and present and fun facts about this great city.


We can offer our Amsterdam School Group Tour in different ways; by foot, bike or boat, as treasure hunts, games and quizzes.


Catering/Transport and workshops can all be catered for.


We are extremely flexible, so if you have any specific requests, please do not hesitate to drop us a line



We offer 10-15% discount to large groups


Price varies depending on the length of the tour. This price is based on a two hour walking tour.


Please contact us if you have any further specific questions, we will always be as flexible as possible.


Pia +31 (0) 6 38741645

Dear Pia,

We had an amezing time during the alternative tour. The students loved it and we saw Amsterdam from a new perspective. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

ESN Utrecht
By ESN Utrecht (Netherlands)
I've been to Amsterdam with my class for a week in September. The Graffititour was awesome. The guide knew a lot and could tell us very much about the Streetart in Amsterdam, how it came up and who the most known artists are. It was a great experience, the shown graffitis were very impressive and great. I would recommend it to everyone who likes every kind of streetart!
By Cinzia Zehnder (Switzerland)
Thank you very

much for the tours Shona. The

tours were really nice and

informing. By the way,

Cheri wrote a really nice

article thanks to you and your

friend Farud at Go-galleri and

the people at KochXBos.

Thank you for helping her.

That was really nice of you.
By Lotte Stuhr-Andersen (Denmark)
We've enjoyed a street art tour with a school group of French students in October 2013.

It was amazing.

We knew about AllTourNative by googling "street art in Amsterdam".

You were among the first link.
By Elodie Eugenie (France)
We did the Alternative Tour with the University of Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, and the tour was amazing! What was also great was that the tourguide, Alex, used to be a student of that university as well, and had done his thesis about grafitti, so he could tell us all the ins and outs about it. Furthermore, he had been living in Amsterdam his entire life and could tell us about all the changes Amsterdam has gone through throughout the years, which was a nice extra. Overall, very happy and pleased with the tour!
By Tamara Breugelmans (The Netherlands)