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Price Per Person: €14
Min Group Price: €56
(1-4 Persons)

Our Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Tour offers amazing street art and graffiti, while discussing everything about Amsterdam’s sub cultures; past and present, with one of our local guides from within the scene.

Visit street art and graffiti halls of fame, squats, cool independent galleries, and funky shops while learning all about the alternative side of Amsterdam.

Take our Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Tour at the start of your stay, as your friendly knowledgeable guide will point out places to eat, drink, smoke, dance and visit during your stay (the places we like to go).

Let AllTourNative make you local for your stay!

At the start of every Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Tour, you will be given a free map and asked what you want to see/do while you are in Amsterdam. Places of personal interest, as well as the guide’s top local recommendations will then be marked out on your map and shown along the tour. The tours are all led by enthusiastic, friendly guides – who are passionate and involved in their field of expertise – be it street art and graffiti, coffee shops, local bars or squat culture.

Please note: Street art and graffiti is by it's nature always changing. One of Amsterdam's longest running squats just got evicted (boooooooo) and this was the site of the city center's Street Art Hall of Fame. If you want to see large pieces and murals, then we recommend taking one of AllTourNative's specialized Street Art and Graffiti tours, either of the 2 tours below.




Please note; tickets bought online need to be bought at least one day before the day you want to take the tour

If it's the same day - don't panic! Just give us a call;

Pia +31 (0) 6 38 74 16 45

Also; We will do our absolute best to give you the exact time and date you ask for - if we cannot we will contact you with a different time/date. If this is not good for you, we will refund you 100%

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We recently took a tour with your guide Alex and would like to compliment him and your organisation on putting together a lovely tour. We enjoyed all the sights and got a lot of information on the history of grafitti. Alex also gave us an insight on the main Amsterdam's issues regarding the dissapearal of coffeshops from the town's center and window displays in the red light district. The tour was not only a grafitti tour but a tour of Amsterdams culture in a broader sense. He also recommended that we check out a few grafitti spots, walls of fame and such. We did so and got a chance to take some great photos. Also, the lenght of the tour is just about right. Thank you for the experience. We'll make sure to recommend you!

Best regards,
By Tina & Jan (UK)
Pia - James was AMAZING!!! He shared so much knowledge and blew the tour out of the park like you said. Whatever you do, don't lose him haha. I was very happy that he did the one on one tour with him because I got to ask a ton of questions and discuss other street artists with him on the way. He even knew a lot of the Philly artists which was awesome. Again, it was amazing. He also mentioned that you had an artist list, I will need to reference certain artists for my write up and I will definitely mention your company so people know who to talk to when they visit Amsterdam.
By Langston Clement (USA)
'What a wonderful tour!! OMG!! The guide, James is a natural with all kinds of people, very passionate about his art, and was constantly pointing out details and even whole drawings that we would have otherwise missed. He explained the painstaking process of some of the mediums. I had no idea before today of the intensive labour that went into creating the beautiful art that is ours to view, for free!

There was a gentleman included in our group who seemed to be a big fan of street art, and I enjoyed hearing the conversation between him & James. James would naturally pull us into the conversation, explaining about the artist or subject that they were discussing. I really appreciated that - I learned so much!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for this opportunity! We typically do not take organized tours, but your gift has enlightened us to the value that they provide.

Many thanks, again, for a wonderful experience!"
By Patti & Jeff (USA)
I booked this trip for a friend who knows and studies street art. She was blown with Alex. His knowledge and passion for the street art scene was inspiring. It felt like a real tour with a real person. It was not someone reading a script. I think anyone would find something on this tour that would open their eyes to something new in Amsterdam.
By Scott (UK)
The tour was great. It is fascinating to get a closer look at places you have simply walked past for years. Our guide Alex was very knowledgeable and was very receptive to input from the group. I highly recommend this tour.
By David (Neteherlands)
We really liked the tour and our guide was really friendly :) We saw many cool graffitis and could take some nice photos!

We recomment doing the tour! ;)
By Julia (Germany)
A great inspiring tour. It showed the creative underground of Amsterdam. I would recommend a longer tour with more sights. To make it short I will highlyrecommend Altournative.
By Kasper Aaberg (DK)
I absoulutely recommend this tour. I had walked before lots of times through those streets and had not noticed the amount of good street art over there:space invader, zaira, C215 and lots more.Our guide was an artist himself willing to answer all our questions about techiques, good spots and so.
By Sara (Spain)
The tour was fantastic! Maurice is very kind and enjoyable... we liked him. We discovered a new Amsterdam, thank you guys! (and thank you, Pia :) )
By Valentina (Italy)
Was a great tour! We enjoyed it a lot. Keep the boat trip to the previously Netherlands Shipbuilding Company! Falafel (!) and french fries were awesome at Moaz vegetarians close to the main station.

Would love to come back to Amsterdam once more.
By Julia (Germany)
The tour was great, good to get out of the touristy area and have a look round the city as well.

Stefen was easy to talk to, knew about the street art as well as Amsterdam life
By Anglea (UK)
The tour was great. Alex is a fantastic guide and has been really helpful. He told me about this paint and beer fetival and told me about Pieter Ceizer who I interviewed for a website I write for. Check it out:
By Ed Little (UK)
Shona was a great tour guide to me and my partner. She showed us a side of Amsterdam that we never new existed. She was very friendly and experienced in knowledge of the beautiful city. I would recommend Alltournative to anyone visiting Amsterdam. Do this early in your trip so you can go back to places that you might want to spend more time.
By Shari Mattox (Australia)
we enjoyed the tour to the MAX: exact right amount of information / information you wouldn't get on "regular" tours / nice private conversations / very fair price / wonderful tour guides (shona, boyfriend and lovely dog) who are seriously interested in what you want to see and know / very useful recommendations for eating out, beers, etc. // we'd like to recommend altournative to anyone visiting amsterdam
By Kerstin n Ines (Germany)