Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam walking Tour (2.5hrs)
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Price Per Person: €14
Min Group Price: €56
(1-4 Persons)

Our Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Walking Tour offers amazing street art and graffiti, while discussing everything about Amsterdam’s sub cultures; past and present, with one of our local guides from within the scene.

Visit street art and graffiti halls of fame, squats, cool independent galleries, and funky shops while learning all about the alternative side of Amsterdam. Take the Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Walking Tour at the start of your stay, as your friendly knowledgeable guide will point out places to eat, drink, smoke, dance and visit during your stay (the places we like to go).

Let AllTourNative make you local for your stay!

At the start of every Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Walking Tour, you will be given a free map and asked what you want to see/do while you are in Amsterdam. Places of personal interest, as well as the guide’s top local recommendations will then be marked out on your map and shown along the tour. The tours are all led by enthusiastic, friendly guides – who are passionate and involved in their field of expertise – be it street art and graffiti, coffee shops, local bars or squat culture.


Please note: Street art and graffiti is by its nature always changing. One of Amsterdam's longest running squats just got evicted (boooooooo) and this was the site of the city center's Street Art Hall of Fame. If you want to see large pieces and murals, then we recommend taking one of AllTourNative's specialized Street Art and Graffiti tours, either of the 2 tours below.






Please note; tickets bought online need to be bought at least one day before the day you want to take the tour

If it's the same day - don't panic! Just give us a call;

Pia +31 (0) 6 38 74 16 45

Also; We will do our absolute best to give you the exact time and date you ask for - if we cannot we will contact you with a different time/date. If this is not good for you, we will refund you 100%

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We had an absolutely amazing time on the tour. We were a bit scared the morning of when the weather was horrible but our tour guide Alex was happy to splash around in the wet with us so we could see everything before leaving.

We took the tour on our last day and definitely saw a side to Amsterdam we had not come in contact with on our other 3 days there.

The art is amazing and definitely worth it (rain or shine!). Thank you very much for sharing this with us!

If you're at all interested in art, graffiti, urban culture or the cities (more recent) history I would definitely recommend the tour.

Thank you!! :)
By Alia (United States)
Me and my fiancé took the tour today with Shona and the other tour guide M (name I can't begin to spell sorry!). Experience was as we wanted, a real tour that's interesting from locals who really know and are passionate about their city. Street art, red light district, drug culture and law, history and squatting history were all covered along with recommendations of where to eat, drink, smoke and visit.

Unfortunately the weather was very wet and we missed the ferry so departed the group after two hours but was totally worth it and could have spent the day with the guides had the weather not had been so cold and wet, would have been nice to break and stop for a beer or coffee half way through to warm up so could have stayed longer as I am sure there was so much more to learn from the guides about such an interesting artistic and vibrant city that amsterdam is.

Thanks guys, would definitely do it again and recommend
By Jennifer Wood (UK)
I have given the Street Art n Alternative tour to a friend for his birthday, but was completely delighted myself! We got to see another Amsterdam away from the tourist ways. Magnificent streets, places and street art and we´ve also got tips for going out.

Alex guided us on the tour and he knew so much about artists, background and history, along with amusing anecdotes and we were stunned many times about the origin of different motives. All of our questions were answered and we had a few aha-moments due to his background knowledge of the city. It was a pleasure to listen to him!

Besides he succeeded in protecting us and the cyclists from each other. :)

Also the booking and planing was supported supernicely, they were responsive to our needs. We agreed: the absolute highlight of our visit to Amsterdam! A great experience that I can really recommend.
By Miriam (Germany)
Gessell and I are both locals and we were looking for something different to do, this seemed like the perfect choice. The tour was a great experience. Besides seeing great art that you might otherwise miss in the city, tour guide Alex was very passionate and knowledgeable about everything. We learned a lot about the history and the artists. We are locals and we walked away knowing more about Amsterdam after the tour... It's definitely worth doing if you're into urban art and/or looking for something different.
By Jerry Goldberg (The Netherlands)
Looking for a tour oporator that would give our students an inside view about Amsterdam, we came across AllTourNative Amsterdam. After getting in contact with Pia, we received an answer within hours and together worked out a wonderful experience including a 2 hour city tour, followed by a private boat ride throughout the channels of Amsterdam. And on top of that, we received great recommendations for places to take our students to have dinner afterwards. Although we only contacted Pia three days prior to our arrival in Amsterdam, she managed to make everyhting happen on a very short notice and the kids had a wonderful time! I can highly recommend AllTourNative Amsterdam to everybody seeking to explore the city of Amsterdam of the beaten track and will certainly come back next year!
By Christof Brockhoff (Brazil)

Wanted to thank you for the great tour! I think we couldn't have been luckier with the weather as well! Really enjoyed it and Alex was a great guide!

He mentioned to email as well so he could email me back some cool art galleries where we could find some affordable art. When Alex has time could he send those?

Thanks and keep doing what you do! A great way to see Amsterdam!


By Delphine (France)
I have managed to take the tour and it was absolutely amazing!!!! The guide/artist was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that it was soooo fascinating to listen to him.Thanks a lot for organizing this tour and please let me know if you are doing it again, as I would take part again soon for sure and I will recommend it to friends!
By Agnes (NL)
The tour was brilliant. The guide mentioned that there was an info sheet

available regarding the local artists. Can you forward when you have a



By John (UK)
It was really cool and Ruben is an excellent guide! It was extremely cold, maybe I'll book another tour in summer haha..


By Miranda (NL)
I organise with my own organisation Street Art Tours in Belgium and visited plenty of cities where we did this kind of tours. This was certainly one of the best tours we ever had. The guide had an awesome lot of knowledge about the artists and the history of Street Art in Amsterdam and could spice it up with anekdotes and a lot of flair.
By Peter (Belgium)
Great walking tour of graffiti paintings combined with the history of graffiti
By Senne (Belgium)
I organise with my own organisation Street Art Tours in Belgium and visited plenty of cities where we did this kind of tours. This was certainly one of the best tours we ever had. The guide had an awesome lot of knowledge about the artists and the history of Street Art in Amsterdam and could spice it up with anekdotes and a lot of flair.

I can higly recommend this one!!


Killerbee Workshops (Belgium)
By Peter (Belgium)
The tour was great... lots of insights and history about street art.

I've been living here for a couple years now, but I can honestly say it gave me a new perspective and I now look at the city and its streets with different eyes!

Thanks for the link, I'll be recommending your tour to my friends, specially the couchsurfers visiting town :)

Good luck and till my next tour!


By Alvaro (NL)
I plan to move to the Netherlands and would love to also volunteer my time because I strongly believe in what you two do. It is amazing that you two show travelers and tourists alike, there's more to Amstetdam than coffee shops. There is art, hidden gems, and more importantly you expose us to the kindness and awesome spirit of the Dutch people
By Darin Mellor (USA)
This was such a pleasant experience , we were a mexican group hosted by alltournative and we have a blast of a time , everything was so perfect ,times schedules , guides , tours , everything .

if you wanna have the best experience don hesitate to contact them :)
By Diego (Mexico)
We really enjoyed and learned a lot from the alternative walking tour.Saw loads that we would have missed or not even known existed if we had wandered around on our own. Thanks Shona :-)
By Richard Thornley (UK)
We had a wonderful time and learned a lot about street artists in Amsterdam.

Our guide was very cool and super friendly.

I recommend!
By Marine (France)