Let Alltournative be your Amsterdam friend and make you a local for your stay

Street art and alternative Amsterdam tour (3 hrs)

Our Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam Tour offers amazing street art and graffiti, while discussing everything about Amsterdam’s sub cultures; past and present, with one of our local guides from within the scene.

Price from €20.00 per person.

Street art murals walking tour (2 hrs)

AllTourNative is proud to showcase our collaboration with street art platform R.U.A, the Amsterdam Street Art Murals Walking/Subway Tour. Enjoy being an explorer by visiting an up and coming neighborhood that tourists rarely see.

Price from €15.00 per person.

Street art and graffiti bike tour (3 hrs)

Our Street Art and Graffiti Bike Tour shows you the real local Amsterdam.
Visit several large street art murals and Halls of Fame around the city with a resident street artist as your guide.

Price from €25.00 per person.

Graffiti Workshop

Get to know the ins and outs of being a graffiti/street artist with our Graffiti and Street Art Workshop. Learn different techniques and styles, and with the help of a professional, make your own masterpiece!

More Options

Explore all the other good stuff Alltournative Amsterdam has to offer, such as our Bar Tour, our Coffeeshop Tour and our Boat Tours. You can also find all the information for Big Group reservations here.